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Bird-A-Thon Activity Round Up

The education team will be sharing resources for Bird-A-Thon in lieu of Audubon from Home content this week. Just because we're taking a break doesn't mean you have to! In the meantime, check out these fun, engaging bird lessons.

Bird-A-Thon 2020 is in full swing! Thanks so much to those of you who have donated and/or are participating in our birding marathon. This week (May 18-May 22) our education team will be higlighting resources for Bird-A-Thon in lieu of our regularly scheduled Audubon from Home posts. Just because we are taking a break doesn't mean you have to! We have a host of fun, engaging bird-related lessons and activities already available. Not to mention, these activities are perfect for preparing your young birders to participate in Bird-A-Thon! 

Dress A BirdWhat makes a bird a bird? Head, shoulders, knees, and toes... That’s not right…  Join Rae Bronenkant, Audubon Vermont's Youth Leadership Coordinator, as she uses her Audubon magic to turn herself into a bird! As she goes along you will learn all about the different parts of a bird and how they function. 

Build Your Own Bird's Nest -  Why do birds build nests? Where do they build them? What do they build with? All of these questions and more are answered in our nest building lesson plan. Learn about the function of bird nests, build your own and then test your knowledge with a nest matching game! 

Plants for Birds Seed Bombs - Looking for a way to make your green space a destination for birds and pollinators? Make Plants for Bird Seed Bombs with your student! This is a fun, messy outdoor craft where you and your student will combine native plant seeds with clay and dirt and then toss them in your yard. 

What Did That Bird Just Say?!? - Unlock the secrets of bird song. This guide is perfect for teaching budding birders how to identify common Vermont bird songs. Practice singing the songs with our mneumonic guide!

Sketch with Sibley - The wonderful thing about drawing birds is that it helps you slow down and really look closely at a bird and ask questions. What makes a chickadee look like a chickadee? What's going on with the pattern of color on the wings of a goldfinch? Just how big are those owl's eyes? Try your hand at these three drawing videos with David Sibley, the ornithologist who wrote and illustrated The Sibley Guide to Birds. Then spend some time drawing the birds just outside your window and enjoy the process! 

Beak, Beak, What Do You Eat? - Not all birds eat the same food and what they eat is influenced by where they live. For this activity, you will use tools that represent different bill and beak shapes to figure out which shape is best suited to eat certain foods and what possible bird has that beak.

Homemade Binoculars - Do you know a budding birder or naturalist? Make them feel like a scientist out in the field with these homemade binoculars! A perfect accessory for Bird-A-Thon! 

Game: Follow a Bird's Migration Story - Have you ever wondered what a bird's journey back to their nesting areas look like? Play an interactive game following the migration journeys of five species. Then, write your own migration story.

It's not too late to sign up for Bird-A-Thon! Join us until May 25 by either signing up to go birding, making a donation or spreading the word with #BirdathonVT - you can find more information as well as detailed instructions on how to participate here

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