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Audubon Center Policies

Hairy Woodpecker Photo: Audubon Vermont
Hairy Woodpecker Photo: Audubon Vermont
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Audubon Center Policies

Please follow these simple rules during your visit to ensure that other visitors can enjoy all that is here as well.

The Green Mountain Audubon Center trails are free and open every day from dawn until dusk.
Visitor Center hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm

  • Trails are open daily from dawn until dusk.
  • Please stay on the trails when enjoying the property. 
  • Wade or swim at your own risk.
  • Please leave no trace and observe a "Carry-In/Carry-Out" trash policy.  Please bring along a trash bag to take waste and recyclables with you when you leave.
  • Dogs are welcome as long as they are kept on a leash at all times. Please clean up after you pet.
  • No camping or fires permitted on the property.
  • The Audubon Center is an alcohol, smoke, and drug-free establishment.
  • Hunting is not permitted on Audubon Center property.
  • Foraging and gathering is prohibited without prior written permission from Audubon Vermont. Please see full policy below.
  • Park in designated lots. Please do not park along Main Road. 
  • Parking areas are not monitored; leave belongings at your own risk.
  • No motorized vehicles or bikes on trails. 

Hunting and Gathering Policy:

To protect our natural resources and the health and wellbeing of the birds and other wildlife that are found at the Green Mountain Audubon Center, gathering of plants and animals at the Audubon Center is strictly prohibited, without written permission obtained directly from Audubon Vermont. This includes collecting wildflowers or other wild plants and their seeds, mushrooms and other wild edibles, removing or damaging plants or trees, or removing wildlife from the Center.

Hunting is not allowed on the Audubon Center’s property. We kindly ask that visitors please not disturb or harm any animals or their nests. Feeding wildlife of any kind is strictly prohibited. 

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