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Dogs at Audubon

We love our canine hikers here at Green Mountain Audubon Center! Here's a few ways you and your pup can be amazing trail stewards!

  • Please keep your dog on a leash! Dogs are required to be on leash at all times on all of our trails. Leashed dogs minimize the impact our four-legged friends have on the surrounding habitat and the birds and other wildlife that depend on it. Keeping your dog on a leash also ensures they don't accidently run into wildlife you'd rather avoid, like porcupines!
  • Please respect other trail users' boundaries. Our property is a nature classroom all year long and a working sugarbush in the spring. We host educational programs, school groups, and birding groups almost every day of the week. Please keep in mind that other visitors may not want to be approached by your dog. They may have an allergy, a phobia, or simply want to enjoy some quiet time in nature. Other dog walkers may be walking pups that need extra space. They may be overwhelmed by on leash greetings or just in training. When passing other trail users, keep your dog to one side of the trail.
  • Please pick up your dog's poop and pack it out! Nobody likes to accidently step in doo-doo on the trail. We frequently encourage kids and adults to explore nature, but dog poop is not what we want to find! Picking up (and packing out!) your dog's poop keeps bacteria, parasites, and excess nutrients out of the water and soil.

Our Visitor Center has poop bags and a few extra leads available to borrow. Just don't forget to pack out your used poop bags!

We hope you and your canine companion enjoy exploring our trails!

A black,mixed-breed dog "bowing" in front the camera. He is wearing a yellow bandana and a blue leash. The trail is lined with goldenrod.
Leashed dogs are welcome on our trails! Photo: Meghan Lee-Hall/Audubon Vermont

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