Birdathon 2016 Hawks
Birdathon 2016 Hawks
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Photo: Audubon Vermont
Photo: Audubon Vermont
About Us

Job Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in a career with Audubon Vermont.

Audubon Vermont is committed to building a diverse and inclusive environment, reflecting the diversity of our community in its board, staff, volunteers, and members; ensuring its internal culture, business practices, and programs are welcoming and advance its diversity goals; and empowering people to make positive changes in their community and environment. Audubon Vermont’s staff, AmeriCorps Members, volunteers, and interns are expected to serve diverse audiences and help advance Audubon Vermont’s diversity strategies. 

To view other job opportunities within the Audubon network, please visit the Audubon Career Center.

Forest Program Senior Associate

The Senior Associate, Forests will implement forest conservation efforts as part of the Healthy Forests Initiative – a critical component to Audubon’s Working Lands conservation strategy. The position will advance the goals of the Healthy Forest Initiative to ensure forests remain healthy and resilient despite increasing threats and climate change for the benefit of birds and people.

The Senior Associate will provide technical expertise and conduct programs that target forest owners and managers, both public and private, to promote sustainable forest management techniques that create and improve habitat required by priority forest bird species (Golden-winged warbler, American Woodcock, Black-throated Blue Warbler, Scarlet Tanager, Canada Warbler, and Wood Thrush). They will also assist with training foresters on bird-friendly management practices, conduct field assessments, develop habitat management recommendations for forest owners and land trusts, and work with foresters and other land managers to implement forest management.

As a key contributor to forest work within the Atlantic Flyway, this position will work closely with forest program staff in CT, NY, and other Audubon state and regional programs. Additionally, this position will collaborate with external partners, organizations, and agencies to inform federal and state policies and state-wide and regional plans that advance Audubon’s forest conservation objectives. This is a salaried, union position paying $50-$55,000 a year, depending on experience.

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Seasonal Educators, Summer Camp 2022

OPEN UNTIL FILLED (opened 3/16/2022)

The Green Mountain Audubon Center in Huntington seeks experienced teachers, environmental educators, and naturaliststo work in a nature day camp setting. The Seasonal Educator will work with 3-to 5-year-oldand 6-to-11-year-old children as they explore the forests, brooks, meadows, and ponds on the Center’s 255 acres. Staff will work at both our Preschool Nature Camp (PNC) and Ecology Day Camp (EDC)--your time at the camps will not necessarily be evenly split--and should feel comfortable doing so. Educators will share the role throughout the summer of coordinating the weekly and daily logistics for campers at either PNC or EDC. Audubon will challenge you to enhance your leadership, teachingand mentoring skills while encouraging you to share the wonder of exploring the most magical places at Audubon. Camp runs for 8 weeks, June 21 – August 12There are six days of paid professional development and naturalist training prior to the start of camp. This is a full-time, seasonal opportunity with an estimated 40 hour work week. Pay $13.75-$15/hr. Apply today!

Counselors-in-Training, Summer 2022

OPEN UNTIL FILLED (opened 3/22/2022)

Interested in environmental education, wilderness skills and working with children? Looking to build your resume, receive volunteer credit for school and broaden your knowledge of the natural word?Join the Audubon Vermont team this summer as a PAIDcounselor-in-training! Through a grant we received, we will be able to pay our CITs $12/hour for their hard work! Counselors-in-training (CITs)work alongside our camp counselorsexperienced naturalists and educatorsto deliver a high-quality, hands-on environmental educationand activities for campers ages 3-11. The program is structured to give CITs theopportunity to explore their interests in outdoor education and conservation, while also building the skillsand experience to launch them towards theirnext education or career opportunities. We hope our CITs will become the next generation of Audubon camp counselors, naturalist educatorsand conservation biologists! To learn more about our CIT program click here

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Landscape Technician, May-Early October 2022


Mow lawn, care for wildlife gardens and help keep the Green Mountain Audubon Center's trails and grounds looking their best all spring, summer and fall! Pay $13-$15/hr.
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We offer paid Education (spring and summer), Policy (fall and spring), and Conservation (summer only)  Internships each semester. Be sure to check this page for current opportunities, if there are none listed be sure to check back for next semester!
  • Fall Intern positions posted early spring

  • Spring Intern positions posted late fall

  • Summer Intern positions posted in February 

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