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Homemade Binoculars

Ages 3 - 12. Just in time for Bird-A-Thon

Bird-A-Thon started Saturday, May 16 and continues until May 25! We want to ecourage birders of all ages to get outside and join us for our 24-hour birding marathon. These homemade binoculars will have your child feeling like a professional! (More information about Bird-A-Thon at the bottom of the page). 


  • Two toilet paper rolls 
  • Stapler, tape (masking or duct) or hot glue 
  • Decorating materials! Paint, markers, patterned tape, construction paper or anything else you'd like to use! 
  • String (optional)


1). Gather materials 

2). Staple, tape or hot glue your toilet paper rolls together

3). Decorate! 

4). Optional: Attach a string to your binoculars so they are wearable! (use your best discretion if this is a good idea for your child and always supervise while worn around neck) 

I taped mine together and added a string Photo: Audubon Vermont / Sarah Hooghuis
Even my cat is using them to scout for birds outside our window. Photo: Audubon Vermont / Sarah Hooghuis

Audbon Vermont's Bird-A-Thon 2020

Use your new binoculars for Audubon Vermont's 20th annual Bird-A-Thon! This event is the perfect way to get your family outside, engage young birders and naturalists and learn new bird species all while giving back to an organization you love. 

The Audubon Vermont Bird-a-thon is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year – a 24 hour marathon of birding. This year since we can't go birding together, we decided to invite communities near and far to go birding and share the experience virtually. 

There are three ways you can participate: 

1). Go birding! Register for one of the Audubon Vermont board or staff birding teams and have your own “big day” any time from Saturday, May 16 to Monday, May 25, 2020 and submit your observations to our website.You do not need to live in Vermont or be an experienced birder to participate - we have plenty of resources on our Bird-A-Thon page for beginner birders. 

2). Make a donation

3). Spread the word -- Invite others to participate in #BirdathonVT to make it our biggest Birdathon ever.

Better yet, you can do all three!

For more detailed instructions, along with resources to help you learn about birding, if you have not been before, by visiting our website:

How you can help, right now