Paid Service-Learning Opportunity for Teens at Audubon Vermont

Now hiring teens for our Junior Conservation Technician Program!

Are you a teen looking to learn about environmental careers? Do you learn best through hands-on learning? Do you want to get paid to work outside and learn about the natural world alongside experts? If yes, this program is for you! We're hiring 12 teens to join the Audubon Vermont team as Junior Conservation Technicians (JCTs) third cohort at $15/hour!

The Junior Conservation Technician Program is for students ages 14-18 who are interested in exploring careers in the environmental sector, including but not limited to: conservation biologist, environmental educator, forester, botanist, ornithologist, trail crews, maple sugarer, environmental lawyer, wildlife photographer, nature writer, and more. The curriculum and experts brought in is determined, in part, by the cohort of teens and their interests. We want our JCTs to have voice and choice in the kinds of projects we take on and topics we explore. JCTs are mentored by our Youth Conservation Leadership Coordinator throughout the program to help individuals reach their learning goals.  

The goals of this program are to promote career readiness in Vermont youth as well as inspire a new, more diverse generation of conservationists. 

JCTs can expect to build skills in: 

  • Forestry: Tree ID, forest habitat assessments, and valuing stands of timber.
  • Conservation biology: Monitoring endangered and threatened bird species, bird banding, and habitat restoration. 
  • Carpentry: Learn how to safely use hand and power tools to build bird shelters as well as improve and fix trail infrastructure. 
  • Natural history: Wildlife and plant identification, wildlife tracking, wild edibles, invasive species, 
  • Habitat management and restoration: Maintain native plant gardens that support wildlife, plant native plants, and remove invasive plant species.
  • Data collection: Forestry assessment tools, community science apps (iNaturalist, eBird, Merlin, etc.), phenology, and bird monitoring. 
  • Environmental education: Observe experienced environmental educators, co-lead activities for K-5 students, and plan and deliver an activity of your own. 
  • Professionalism: Resume feedback, interviewing, timeliness, teamwork, public speaking, leadership, and more! 

JCTs meet at the Green Mountain Audubon Center on select weekend dates, school breaks, and summer vacation. The ideal candidate will be available for all program dates. 

2024 Dates

  • Orientation: Saturday 1/27 & Sunday 1/28 
  • February Break: Monday 2/26-Thursday 2/29 
  • Sugar on Snow Parties/VT Maple Open House Weekend: March 23 & 24 (JCTs work one day) 
  • April Break: Monday 4/22-Wednesday 4/24
  • Birdathon Adventure: Saturday 5/18
  • Summer Break: Monday 6/17-6/21 (no work on 6/19, Juneteenth) & Monday 6/24-6/28

 If you're interest or know anyone who would be a good fit, explore the program further here:

Please reach out to our Youth Conservation Leadership Coordinator, Sarah Hooghuis, with any questions: 

Apply here.

Explore Our JCT Slideshow Below

JCT Plants for Birds Garden. Photo: Audubon Vermont
JCTs add compost to the garden plot. Photo: Audubon Vermont
JCTs work with our Forester, Steve Hagenbuch, to conduct a Bird-Friendly Maple assessment at the Audubon Sugarbush. Photo: Audubon Vermont
JCTs putting up our honeysuckle trellis in the backyard. Photo: Audubon Vermont
JCTs building chick shelters for Common Terns! Photo: Audubon Vermont
Junior Conservation Techs removing invasive plant species from the Green Mountain Audubon Center to enhance bird habitat. Photo: Photo: Audubon Vermont
Junior Conservation Techs after a day of removing invasive plant species from the Green Mountain Audubon Center to enhance habitat. Photo: Photo: Audubon Vermont
JCTs building new boardwalks for a trail that floods in the springtime regularly. Photo: Photo: Audubon Vermont
JCT studying the phenology of Oriental Bittersweet. Photo: Audubon Vermont
JCTs birding on the White Pine Trail. We saw a White-breasted Nuthatch, Golden-crowned Kinglets, White-throated Sparrows, Red-winged Blackbirds, and heard a Broad-winged Hawk! Photo: Audubon Vermont
JCT holding a juvenile American Robin after observing the same bird get banded by one of our Conservation Interns. Photo: Audubon Vermont
Junior Conservation Techs record phenological data on Common Milkweed. Photo: Audubon Vermont

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