Interns monitoring Common Terns. Photo: Audubon Vermont
Interns monitoring Common Terns. Photo: Audubon Vermont


Youth Conservation Leadership Program Guide

Learn about our unique programs that offer paid, work-based and service-learning opportunities for youth 14-25.

Over the past two years, Audubon Vermont has been working with Peer Associates to evaluate the effectiveness of our Youth Conservation Leadership Program. We surveyed all our interns, Americorps members, fellows, junior conservation technicians, counselors-in-training, and seasonal young professionals to see if we are accomplishing the goals of the Youth Conservation Leadership Program. Among these goals are things like (1) career readiness, (2) professional development, (3) skill development, (4) interest in continuing conservation work, and more. Our new program guide not only shares the findings of these surveys, but briefly describes each program. The program guide is a great way to learn more about the program, discover which positions are best for you, and promote opportunities to youth you work with who are interested in career exploration. 

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