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Weasel Whisperers

Week 10 March 27th and 29th

This week we searched for a brand new animal: an ermine! These cool little weasels are highly elusive, and will change their coat colors just like a snowshoe hare. In the wintertime, their coats are snow white to blend in. For the rest of the year, the are a brown color. So cool! Our students did a great job finding these white ermine in the snow. The books we read this week were: Why Does it Rain? A Just Ask Book by Chris Arvetis, We Are Water Protectors by Carol Lindstrom, and It’s Spring! by Linda Glasser. 

On Wednesday, our morning meeting leader decided to brave the rain and go on a hike! We hiked down to peeper pond to do some exploration. We looked at the pond and its outflow area and talked about what animals we might find there as it warms up with spring time. After our exploration time, we headed back up to the barn to have lunch on the front porch! We finished our day with playing in the mud and then found an Eastern Newt in the parking lot at pick up time! 

On Friday, our morning meeting leader was very excited to play a field game! We did a few rounds of sharks and minnows before heading up to forest camp for some playtime. We climbed trees, made treats in the mud kitchen, and did some digging with sticks. After forest camp, we enjoyed our lunch in the sunny backyard. Once we finished lunch, we headed to the front yard to do some coloring! Our morning meeting leader chose to color rainbows and tigers. We played another great field game before having thank you circle. Before we knew it, it was time for pick up! 

Wednesday 3/27

We love playing in the mud!
Hiking down to Peeper Pond
Checking out the newt we found in the parking lot!
Splashing in the mud
We loved poking sticks into this half melted snow man
Counting up our ermine
big smiles for all the mud and snow
Enjoying the view at Peeper pond

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Friday 3/29

Working on our counting skills
Having a great time climbing on our fort
Spinning around a tree! Hope we dont get too dizzy
Working hard on making our mud kitchen treats
Adding some leaf spice to our treat
There was lots of water in our mud kitchen today
Photo: Coloring our tiger!
We have been big fans of coloring lately
Playing a field game!

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