Vermont's Bald Eagles Soar to New Heights

The 2020 breeding season is one for the record books.

Vermont's Bald Eagle population continued its steady recovery in 2020, with at least 40 pairs in the state.  Thirty-seven of these pairs nested successfully to produce a record 65 fledglings! This is a significant increase over 2019, which had 36 pairs and 46 fledglings. It's hard to pinpont the reason why the birds did so well this year, but the mild dry weather in the spring and summer may have been a factor.

A great deal of effort went into tracking breeding eagles throughout the state: more than 20 community scientists, Audubon Vermont staff, and Vermont Fish and Wildlife staff worked together to document the nesting status of each pair.  This group of dedicated people monitored from late winter through late summer, checking on nests as often as every few days.

Bald Eagles are listed as an endangered species in Vermont, but they have been proposed to be downlisted to threatened status.  It is possible with the 2020 season that they have now met their delisting goals as well.  Change in status must be approved by the Vermont State Legislature.

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