Audubon from Home

Urban Wild

Ages 0 and up. Join our Americorps Member, Sarah, as she takes us through Burlington parks to highlight some local wildlife!

Watch in Youtube for bigger screen and closed captions.

A lot of us living in cities, whether big or small, often think we need to leave in order to find wildlife or beautiful nature. I'm encouraging us all to stop and think about some of the amazing species that thrive in our city environments and local parks. Rapid development has unfortunately caused habitat loss for many animals and plants, but some have adapted to survive in the cityscape. Chimney Swifts are roosting on top of our tall buildings, foxes build dens in our local parks, and squirrels and chipmunks rule the land! Watch the video above and ask yourself what wildlife is living in your area. Then, go out and look for them! 

I suggest using our Animal Home Scavenger Hunt to guide your local adventure. 

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