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Sugar Makers

Week 8 March 13th and 15th

We continued learning all about sugaring season this week! Emily and I planned a fantastic day for our students with lots of fun built in. In the morning, we tasked our students with finding 40 maple leaves! No surprise, our students easily identified and found them all! We then grouped them by color, yellow, red, green, light orange, and dark orange, before starting our day. The books we read this week were: Sugar Bush Spring by Marsha Wilson Chall and Why Is It Cold? A Just Ask Book by Chris Arvetis. 


On Wednesday, we gave our students the incredibly important task of hiding the golden tap before our Sugar on Snow event! They helped us pick out the perfect tree in the sugarbush to hide it, checking in buckets to see how much sap has collected along the way. We love being able to involve our students in this special tradition, and hope to see many of them at our Sugar on Snow event to earn a chocolate bar for finding the tap! We hiked back up to the barn to enjoy our lunch and spent some time watching the bird feeders before thank you circle! 


On Friday, we hiked down to the sugarbush to tour the mini sugarhouse! We got to take a close look at the evaporator. We learned all about its different parts, like the holding tank and the arch! We talked about the process of making maple syrup and what the evaporator is used for.  We also learned about how sugarmakers test the sap on the pan to see if its syrup yet by using a hydrometer! After lots of learning, we hiked back up to the barn for some lunch, a field game, and coloring! We ended our day as usual with thank you circle and pick up.  

Wednesday 3/13

Morning meeting time!
Removing the regular tap from the tree we picked to put in the golden tap!
Watching the feeders
Heading down to the sugarbush!
We are doing so well at hiking!

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Friday 3/15

Enjoying snack and a story!
Playing our favorite field game: Shark and Minnows!
Letting our creative side out with some coloring!
Run little minnows!
Showing off our art!
Hiking down to the sugarbush

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