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Sap to Syrup

Week 9 March 20th and 22nd

We wrapped up our sugaring activities this week with one last trip down to the sugarbush for both groups! Before our big hike, we spent the morning searching for grey squirrels. These little guys gave us a bit of trouble, but our students perservered and found them all. The books we read this week were: Sugar on Snow by Nan Parson Rossiter and Flute’s Journey by Lynne Cherry. 


On Wednesday, we finished up our morning routine and then hiked down to the sugarbush. We are so proud of how well these students are doing when hiking! These bigs hikes are no joke for such little bodies and we continue to see imporvement each week! Once down at the sugarbush, we did the gallon challenge! Our students were tasked with finding 40 gallon jugs spread throughout a section of the sugarbush. These 40 gallons represent the number of gallons of sap (40) that it takes to make 1 gallon of syrup. Our students did a great job and found over half! We then hiked back up to the barn for lunch, thank you circle, and pick up! 


On Friday, we decided to hike around beaver pond on our way to the sugarbush. We stopped on our way to look at the outflow of beaver pond. We were very curious as to why the outflow was not frozen while beaver pond was. Then, we did the gallon challenge! Our students had the extra task of piling all the jugs in one area before the big snow storm, so that we could find them before our Sugar on Snow Party. Our students did an amazing job, and found 38 of our 40 gallons! We then hiked back up to the barn to enjoy some lunch after a busy morning. We finished up with thank you circle and pick up.   

Wednesday 3/20

We have to tell a joke before going over the joke troll bridge!
Collecting the gallons
We found so many!
Enjoying lunch and a story
Each student helped us put a card on the morning meeting board
We did a great job finding the jugs
We helped our friends find jugs too!

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Friday 3/22

Collecting the jugs in the gallon challenge
Building a snow castle during some free play
The outflow from beaver pond
Learning about the beaver pond outflow!
Enjoying lunch after an active morning
It takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup
Counting up our squirrels
Found One!

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