Audubon from Home

Dress A Beaver

Become familiar with beaver anatomy by turning our Americorps Member, Sarah Hooghuis, into one!

Once upon a time, there were beavers living in Beaver Pond at the Green Mountain Audubon Center. There was a lodge smack dab in the middle of Beaver Pond and trees chewed to a point around the pond's edge. Unfortunately, they moved to a different body of water after a landslide filled part of the pond with sediment and made it too small for beaver habitat. Today we are going to bring one beaver back to Beaver Pond by turning our Americorps Member, Sarah, into one with Audubon magic! Watch the video below to see just how strong (and maybe irreversible!) this magic is. 

Dress A Beaver

You can turn into a beaver, too! Look around your home for items you can wear as your beaver costume. Sweaters, flippers and goggle with work just fine! You an always make your own beaver tail using construction paper. If you are looking for activities to do a deeper dive into the natural history, adaptations, and structures of beavers check out our article Busy Beavers. You'll learn how it feels to swim with webbed feet and build your own beaver lodge! 

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