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Week 13 April 17th and 19th

We had some absolutely beautiful weather this week! Emily and I feel so lucky to be able to spend these great days outside with your students. We started our day by finding a new critter: red efts! We had a great time searching for these colorful little guys and found them all as usual! The books we read this week were: The Salamander Room by Anne Mazer, A Salamander’s Life by John Himmelman, and Box Turtle at Long Pond by William T. George. 


On Wednesday, our morning meeting leader wanted to continue with our recent trend with some coloring and a hike down to peeper pond! We did some free coloring while taking our bathroom break before heading to peeper pond for some exploration time. We loved looking for critters, playing in the outflow stream, and enjoying the sunshine. We then hiked back up to the barn, focusing on our bodies and staying in line while hiking. We enjoyed lunch in the backyard and finished our day with some free play! 


On Friday, our morning meeting leader decided to hike down to beaver pond again to search for critters! We found lots of Eastern Newts, some macroinvertebrates, and lots of birds! We loved playing in the sticky, slimy mud. We then hiked up to peeper pond to enjoy our lunch and a bit of free play. Then it was time to hike back up to the barn for thank you circle and pick up! 

Wednesday 4/17

Counting up our red efts
We enjoy poking around in the outflow
Exploring the outflow at Peeper Pond
Checking out the water flow through the tunnel
Looking for some amphibian friends by peeper pond!
Enjoying some coloring in the sunshine

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Friday 4/19

Playing in the mud at Beaver Pond
Coloring on the porch
Looking at the critter we caught!
Enjoying some exploration at Beaver Pond
Trail lunch!
Hiking back up to the barn

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