Bears and Birds Webinar Recording

Attract backyard birds, not bears, through Audubon’s Native Plants for Birds program.

A virtual webinar hosted by Audubon Vermont in partnership with Vermont Fish and Wildlife 

Attracting birds to your backyard is a great way to observe birds up close and help them find food. However, using birdfeeders beyond the winter months is strongly discouraged since it can also attract hungry bears. Bears searching for bird seed can have serious consequences for your property, your neighbors, and the wellbeing of the bear. Fortunately, there are other options!  

Join Audubon Vermont’s Gwendolyn Causer along with Vermont Fish and Wildlife biologists Doug Morin and Jaclyn Comeau as they discuss how to attract birds with native plants instead of birdfeeders. They will share information about Audubon’s Native Plants for Birds Program, the benefits native plants have for birds, along with the risks birdfeeders create for bears and birds. 

Help us keep Vermont's bears safe. Learn more about how to live safely with bears: click here. Please report any bear incidents: click here

Create habitat for birds year-round by growing native plants for birds. Explore the Plants for Birds database: click here.
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Bears and Birds Webinar: Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department and Audubon Vermont

Native Plants for Birds

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