Preschool Programs

April (snow) Showers

Week 11 April 3rd and 5th

We’ve had quite the weather this week! From warm and sunny, to windy and rainy, to snow! Welcoming in spring in the true Vermont fashion. This week, we tasked our students with finding 26 chipmunks! A few of them blew away from us in the wind, but we were able to find 23! We will continue to look for them in the coming weeks. The books we read this week were: Springtime Wonders by Christina T. Owen, Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones by Ruth Heller, and Tell Me a Season by Mary McKenna Siddals. 

On Wednesday, we did some coloring after snack while friends were using the bathroom. We colored tigers, rainbows, and unicorns! We then headed up to forest camp for some playtime in the woods. We climbed on our fort, made some treats in the mud kitchen, and played with sticks. We were feeling super hungry after all that playtime, so we enjoyed lunch at the picnic tables. We finished up our day with more playing, thank you circle, and pick up! 

On Friday, we had the most snow of the season so far! We spent our morning shoveling, climbing on the snow banks, and creating a snow brick shelter! It was so much fun to work with our students to create an awesome, giant snow brick shelter. We fueled up with some snack before playing in the snow again! This snow was perfect for packing, so we made some tiny snow castles using yogurt cups. We also made some yummy snow treats! Overall, our day was spent having a great time in the snow. After lunch, we finished our day with some free play and thank you circle! 

Wednesday 4/3

We loved coloring in the sunshine on the porch
We have such creative students!
Enjoying some play time at forest camp
Making some treats at forest camp
We love playing together in the mud kitchen
Our chef sides come out at the mud kitchen!
We love to climb on our fort!
Enjoying some playtime in the back yard

Friday 4/5

Our morning meeting leader planning the day!
Adding some decorations to our snow fort
We loved playing in this amazing snow!
We made some snow balls, too
Making the snow bricks to build our snow fort
We were so proud of our snow fort!
Shoveling some snow banks
Big smiles for all the snow!

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