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Virtual Camps

Starting in July our Camp-in-a-Kit brings the Audubon Vermont experience home. Running 4 days during the week, campers will join a one-hour private online event with 11 other campers and an Audubon teacher. In that time together we will dive into our theme for the week.

Campers can pick up their Camp-in-a-Kit locally (or pay for shipping), with activities to do together live with an Audubon teacher and will be given fun activities to do on their own after the call. During the meeting time, campers can share with one another what they learned in their outside explore time, ask questions to our staff, and connect with other campers. For ages 7-12 (please direct questions about younger siblings joining to Debbie Archer)


All About Birds: July 13-16 (Monday- Thursday)
Live meeting time: 10am - 11am

All About Birds is dedicated to the foremost topic of John James Audubon himself! Campers will experience a dynamic, hands-on and interactive virtual summer camp dedicated to the anatomy and behavior of birds. From tiny migratory song birds to giant apex predator raptors, campers will leave camp with a sense of wonder and awe at the amazing adaptations of birds. Create your very own bird, dissect an owl pellet, learn about beak adaptations and how birds survive in the wild.  

Aquatic Adventures: July 20-23 (Monday- Thursday)
Live meeting time: 10am-11am


Wonderful water everywhere, we’re going to get wet!  Aquatic Adventures is a week dedicated to our most precious resource. Campers will learn first-hand how a water system can affect the plants and animals around it, even humans! Campers will test water, study the aquatic organisms of VT, and learn important steps on keeping waterways clean.  

Critter Construction July 27-30 (Monday-Thursday)
Live meeting time: 10am-11am

Humans are not the only engineers! In this week’s activities, we will be busy builders, taking examples from the animal kingdom.  From nests, to dens, to webs, we are going to get crafty as we learn how various animals undertake such impressive construction, and get our hands dirty in the process. 

Plants, Pollinators and Birds, Oh my!  August 3-6 (Monday-Thursday)
Live meeting time: 10am-11am

Plants are the true super heroes of the world. Harnessing the power of the sun for all of us! But how do plants take in this energy? What do they do once they get it? These questions, and more, will be answered in this week about plants. Campers will have hands on demonstrations to learn the parts of a flower, learn about native and invasive plants, and even have a native plant to grow on their own. And in doing so build a stronger and more diverse habitat in their communities.  

Registration opens Thursday, June 25:

Special thanks to Audubon Pennsylvania and all their hard working staff for sharing their ideas and content with us.

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