Understanding Wildlife Ecology and Forest Management at the Andrews Community Forest

Great opportunities abound with Richmond’s latest town forest.

The 428 acre Andrews Community Forest in Richmond was established in 2018. The property falls within the “Mansfield/Worcester Priority Forest Bird Block” as well as a state recognized “Highest Priority Interior Forest Block”, two designations that speak to its importance to forest nesting birds such as Mourning Warbler, Veery, and Blue-headed Vireo. Audubon Vermont conducted a habitat assessment to help inform the long-term management of the property, with birds in mind.

Ethan Tapper, the Chittenden County Forester, is assisting the Andrews Community Forest Committee in stewarding the property to meet a variety of goals and objectives. “After a lot of planning, I’m am excited to start the forest management project at the Andrews Community Forest (ACF) in Richmond within the next week. This project is really about helping make the ACF's forests more complex and diverse -- using well-managed logging as a tool to promote forest health, resilience and wildlife habitat -- but also demonstrating modern, ecological forest management. It is here for you to learn and expand your understanding of forest management, so please avail yourselves of the resources we're trying to provide!”, says Tapper.

Take a look at some of the excellent opportunities to learn more about the projects being planned.

You can listen to Andrea Shortsleeve of VT Fish and Wildlife and Ethan Tapper being interviewed about the project at the ACF through the lens of wildlife habitat on WDEV's The Dave Gram Show, here.

Follow along on the ACF's Facebook page, the Andrews Community Forest playlist on Ethan’s YouTube channel and attend some virtual events:

9/15/20: Wildlife Ecology and Forest Management at the ACF (w/ VT Fish and Wildlife) -- Register here (full description below).

9/29/20: Emerald Ash Borer and Forest Management at the ACF (w/ VT's Urban and Community Forestry Program) -- Register here (full description below).

10/13/20: Forestry for the Birds at the ACF (w/ Steve Hagenbuch, Audubon VT) -- Registration info to follow.

10/22/20: Climate Change, Carbon and Forest Management at the ACF (w/ Ali Kosiba, VT's Climate Forester) -- Registration info to follow.

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