StoryWalk® at the Green Mountain Audubon Center!

Enjoy a wonderful bird migration story as you hike.

Looking for an activity to keep you warm during the cold days of stick season in Vermont?  Well, look no further!  Come visit the Green Mountain Audubon Center in Huntington, Vermont, and enjoy a wonderful StoryWalk® along the Hires Trail.

Welcome, Brown Bird by Mary Lyn Ray tells the beautiful story of a Wood Thrush that makes the long migration between New England and Central America. At each end of the migration journey is a boy who watches and waits, protecting the bird's nesting place until it returns. Neither boy knows that across the world there is someone similar to him that is being impacted by the same bird.

Be sure to look for the first StoryWalk® post, the cover page! Photo: Audubon Vermont

The story begins at the start of the Hires Trail, near the garden to the side of the Office Building. Follow the trail and enjoy the journey up to Lookout Rock, through the hardwood forest, and end the story right before returning to the parking lot.

StoryWalk® starts right after this trail sign. Photo: Audubon Vermont
Photo: Audubon Vermont

Be sure to take a trail map with you. Maps can be found at any Audubon Center kiosk or inside the Audubon Office.  Explore our trail map online and download it on our phone.

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