Woodstock Magazine article
Woodstock Magazine article

Protecting Birds and Our Ecosystem: Woodstock Magazine
Protecting Birds and Our Ecosystem: Woodstock Magazine


Protecting Birds and Our Ecosystem

Woodstock Magazine features Audubon Vermont.

Thank you to Woodstock Magazine for taking a look at the impact of climate change on our bird populations in Vermont and how we are taking action together to make a difference. Forested property, farmlands, and sugarbushes provide excellent and climate-resilient habitat for birds when managed with birds in mind. Native plants for birds are key to this success and offer benefits on any scale. 

Special thanks to writer Dean Whitlock for transforming an engaging conversation into a compelling article, and to executive editor Deborah Thompson for bringing the words to life on the pages of the magazine with beautiful photography courtesy of the Audubon Photography Awards.

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Woodstock Magazine

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