Summer Day Camp Blog

Mud Magic

July 29- Aug 2 2019

This week of Preschool Camp was full of the magic and power that mud has!

Every morning we had our mud kitchen prepped and ready to go with fresh mud.  We made many mud meals, from mud pie, mud cake, mud smoothies, etc.  They were all very delicious.

We spent our days outside, rain or shine, getting muddy in nature! We hiked down to the brook to see how the mud was there, it was very rough and grainy.  We searched for creatures in the mud, like worms and salamanders.

Made a mud boat! Photo: Audubon Vermont

Some days we walked up to Forest Camp, Mossy Rocks, and Lookout Rock and explored the muddy magic there. From making mud potions, mud balls, and painting trees with mud, we were always welcome to get a little dirty.

Climbing around the brook! Photo: Audubon Vermont

One day we walked down to beaver pond and safely walked around barefoot and felt the mud in between our toes, it was so squishy! We worked together to make a mud volcano too!  We built up a mud tower, and then Mady and Henry poured baking soda and vinegar in the middle, and we saw the incredible explosion!

Throughout the week, we worked on our mud painting, and painted a banner for the whole week of camp with our muddy hand and footprints!

Photo: Audubon Vermont

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