Preschool Programs

Itty Bitty Bats

Week 9 November 1st and 3rd

To keep the feeling of spooky season alive, in the morning our groups were tasks with finding 50 bats! All 50 bats were different and were various colors and had different patterns and designs on them. After we collected all 50 bats from the backyard, we took a moment to reflect on which bat was our favorite. Then using our words, we described what our bat looked like and even where our bat was in the group too.  


On Wednesday, our plan was to eat snack and lunch at Forest Camp, hike to mossy rocks and play, then hike the whole hires trail and finish our day with a field game. At snack we made a small fire to keep warm and after snack started to play at Forest Camp while we took bathroom breaks. Our morning meeting leader loved playing there and the fire so much that they asked to not go on the hike and stay playing and enjoying the fire! We all helped collect sticks for the fire to keep it fueled and going for all of our play time and through lunch. After lunch we played What Time is it Mr. Fox and while we were playing, it started to SNOW! Such a magical way to end our day! 


On Friday we had snack at forest camp, played there for a little before going on a hike up the Hires Trail. We stopped at lookout rock to admire Camels Hump for a while before continuing down the trail. Along the way we pointed out mushrooms, lichen, ferns, rocks, moss, and so much more. After our long hike we enjoyed a filling lunch and then met our adults for pick up! 

Wednesday 11/1

We love the fort at forest camp!
Checking out our materials for fire building
Enjoying lunch and a story
counting up the bats we've found so far
Riding our motorcycles at forest camp
Building a leaf pile at forest camp

Friday 11/3

Checking out some cool things along the trail!
Big smiles!
Showing off what we found
We love observing things up close
Play time at forest camp before our hike
Enjoying lunch at forest camp with a story
Taking in the view

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