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It's Gonna be May!

Week 14 May 1st and 3rd

We welcomed back our forest playschool students after a week off for April Vacation. We loved hearing all about what our students did over the break! In the morning this week, we tasked our students with finding 29 big American Toads! Even with a week off, our students were able to find them all with ease. The books we read this week were: Dear Treefrog by Joyce Sidman, Is It Time, Yet? by Lynn Levine, and 10 Things I Can Do To Help My World by Melanie Walsh. 


On Wednesday, we ventured down to Beaver Pond for some exploration! We played in the mud, found lots of salamanders, and explored the outflow. We love feeling the different textures of the mud: smooth, wet, bumpy! We were super excited to find lots of salamander friends, and saw a few ducks as well! After exploring, we hiked back up to the barn for lunch and some free play in the back yard. 


On Friday, our morning meeting leader decided to fill our day with lots of playtime! We played a field game in the backyard before heading up to forest camp for more playtime. We loved playing in the mud kitchen after the rain earlier in the week. There was plenty of water for us to make delicious treats with, like soup, cookies, and even a mocha! We then ate lunch in the sunny back yard before having some free play, thank you circle, and pick up! 

Wednesday 5/1

Our morning meeting leader planning the day!
Peering in to beaver pond
We love exploring the outflow at beaver pond
Taking in the sights at beaver pond
Exploring the texture of the mud
We always have so much fun on our adventures
Counting up our American Toads
Having some free play in the back yard
Looking at the newts!

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Friday 5/3

Riding our tree motorcycle
Waiting on a treat
Enjoying our climbing!
We patiently wait our turn to climb our favorite tree
searching for the perfect tool...
Showing off our mud kitchen supplies
Baking treats with friends
Scooping out the water in the mud kitchen containers
Mixing up some yummy mud treats
All smiles for today

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