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Hello December!

Week 13 December 6th and 8th

This week we were welcomed by another light dusting of snow, just enough to play in and have a lot of fun. In the morning 29 coyotes were hiding and camouflaged in the front yard, and they were sure sneaky! Some were hiding in the bushes, others by blending I with the grey/brown/white colors of the woods. We did find them all! 


On Wednesday we got a fresh dusting of snow which obviously calls for some sledding and snow rolling. After eating snack outside at the picnic tables we rolled around in the front yard. Some of us also pretended to be coyotes from this morning and where running around with their pack. Before lunch we joined to the garden area and some of us went sledding while others played around in the snow. Then to wrap up our time outside we played at Forest Camp and cooked up some treats at the snow kitchen, and also came across from prints in the snow. They were coming from a tree, small, and have 4 feet (two larger and two smaller). We determined it was from a squirrel. Before lunch we colored inside to warm up and then enjoyed Lunch all together inside and listened to two books, All About Turkeys and Fox’s Dream.  


Friday we spent playing in the yard and also went on a BIG adventure. Before we started our hike we examined some scat that was in the yard, and we think it is red fox scat! We hiked all the way to Beaver Pond. We didn’t go on the pond because it wasn’t fully frozen, but there was some ice around the pond and many of us went “ice skating”. On our hike we found so many interesting tracks and fun signs of animals. We saw deer tracks, bird wing marks, squirrel tracks, deer chews, rabbit tracks, and maybe some sort or cat tracks, maybe bobcat! Debbie also taught us about ground ice or needle ice, that shoots up from the ground and looks like crystals, so pretty! We were exhausted by the time we got back to the barn, we start and enjoyed lunch and then played while we waited for our adults to arrive! 


Next week is our last week of this session and I hope there is more snow for us to play in and explore! 

Wednesday 12/6

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Friday 12/8

Squirrel tracks!
Learning about tracking
Looking at some tracks on a log
On our way to Beaver Pond
Exploring beaver pond
Using a tracking sheet to ID some tracks
checking out the tracks at beaver pond

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