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Frog Song Chorus Game

Ages 6-12. Learn the calls of the frogs!

You can play this and quiz yourself, or with the whole family! Maybe even play it over a zoom/gmail call too! 

What you will need: 

  • Something to play sound on (computer, phone, tablet)

  • Pictures of frogs/toad (given) 

How to play 

·Listen to the recordings of 5 different frog species, learn what each forg/toad looks like from the photos, and learn the mnemonics (the pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something), for each and practice singing each song/mnemonic.  

Once the student has learn the 5 different frogs/toad calls, mnemonics, and can recgonize the photos either:

Option 1: 
  • Each student closes their eyes and silently chooses which species of frog they would like to become for the frog chorus.    

  • When students open their eyes everyone will sing their frog song at the same time and listen for others’ frog songs.  Frogs singing the same song will group together. 

  • Repeat with and choose a different call

Option 2:  
  • One person holds up a frog/toad picture and everyone else needs to sing the call of that frog/toad 

  • OR one person sings the call (or plays the call) and then everyone else has to hold up and guess which frog it is. If song is played, then the students have to sing the mnemonic and hold us the frog/toad picture.


FIVE frog/toad species:  

Spring Peeper  

Mnemonic: Peep, Peep, Peep 


Spring Peeper Photo: Outdoor Alabama 
 Wood Frog 

Mnemonic: Quack, Quack, Quack 


Wood Frog Photo: John White
American Toad 

Mnemonic: A long Trill (rolling you tongue) 


American Toad Photo: J.D. Willson
Green Frog

Mnemonic: Bow Bow Bow (Like a  loose banjo string)   


Green Frog Photo: Jason Gibson
American Bullfrog 

Mnemonic: Jeromjeromjerom (very low) 


Bullfrog Photo: Carl D. Howe

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