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Spring Flower Scavenger Hunt

We will search for the first flowers of spring!

Today we will use our senses of sight, smell, and touch to explore one of spring's most anticipated arrivals: flowers! The task is simple - grab a pen and use the scavenger hunt below to search your neighborhood, park, or yard for some of spring's first flowers. 


  • Writing utensil 
  • Scavenger hunt card (attached as PDFs at bottom of article for printing)

Optional Discussion Questions:

  • If you gently touch the flower, how do its petals feel? Are parts of it smooth or rough?
  • How many different colors of flowers can you find?
  • How would you describe the shape of the petals? 
  • Why are most flowers a vibrant color? 
  • What do you notice about the environment that this flower grows in? Is it sunny or shady? Grassy or rocky? 
  • What flower was your favorite and why?

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