Forest Classroom

Fire Building Challenge

Week 12: November 17, 2021

The last week of our fall session is here! Time flies, where have these 12 weeks gone.

We enjoyed some free explore time as we arrived and also collected some sticks.

During morning meeting we decided we wanted to build fires on our last day and we also have a birthday to celebrate too.

The challenge today with fire building was that our groups could build any of the four structures we have learned over the week, but each group was only allowed 10 matches.  After those 10 matches were used up they had nothing, so I stressed that after 5 matches have been used and there is no fire to reassess the structure and possibly redo it.

Photo: Audubon Vermont
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Photo: Audubon Vermont

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We all had success! Everyone worked so hard and well together to build wonderful fires. Some went out, and some kept being fueled and lasted a while. It was a wonderful last day experience. We enjoyed roasting a marshmallow over our fires before lunch too.

At lunch we celebrated a birthday and read Hoot! We wrapped up with Thank you Circle, and then free explore time before our adults came!

We cannot wait for January to come and all the winter fun we will have.

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