Forest Classroom

The Colors of Fall

Week 11: November 10, 2021

It sure is getting colder out there and a lot of the leaves are off the trees now too. The forest looks a lot different than when we started in September.

Went spent our morning doing a color search! Upon arrival I handed out a color swatch/paint chip and the task was to then find something that was naturally outside, then put the object and the color on a table. We did this for so long and ended up having a rainbow table full of nature.

Table full of colors and nature items
Photo: Audubon Vermont

We then enjoyed Morning Meeting and snack.

We decided to spend the day working on building shelters. Before we began, we discussed what makes for a good shelter, like the location, the materials, and the size. We split up into teams and spent the time working well together, carrying large sticks, and piling on leaves for insulation. We were moving so much, we had to de-layer because we were getting so warm.

Photo: Audubon Vermont
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Photo: Audubon Vermont

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For lunch, we enjoyed it around a fire and one of our students brought in a surprise, their pet gerbil that we all got to see and pet. The gerbil was also enjoying their lunch, a large carrot.

Student showing pet gerbil to friends
Student showing pet gerbil to friends Photo: Audubon Vermont

We finished our day with thank you circle and a round of camouflage before our adults came to pick everyone up!

Next week is the last week!

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