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Big Week

Week 12 April 10th and 12th

We saw huge amphibian movement this week at the Green Mountain Audubon Center! The rainy, 40-degree weather made for the perfect time for salamanders and frogs to migrate from their winter burrows in the forest to the ponds! We helped a bunch of Easter Newts cross the road, and a few Wood Frogs as well. We celebrated this big spring movement by tasking our students with finding leopard frogs in the front yard. The books we read this week were: What’s Under The Log? by Anne Hunter, Big Night for Salamanders by Sarah Marwil Lamstein, and A Wood Frog’s Life by John Himmelman. 


On Wednesday, we got to see lots of amphibian friends in the front yard while searching for our laminated critters. We had some fun free play in the back yard before beginning our hike. Our morning meeting leader decided to head to peeper pond for some exploration. While there, we discovered the peeper pond outflow. We had a great time tossing sticks in the small stream and even cleaned out a small tunnel where the water flowed beneath the trail. We watched as the flow increased as we removed more leaves. It was then time to head back to the barn for lunch, thank you circle, and pick up! 


On Friday, our morning meeting leader decided to head down to beaver pond to search for critters. We found a bunch there, like Eastern Newts and macroinvertebrates. We played in the mud, splashed in the water, jumped across the outflow, and enjoyed the sunshine. We then hiked back up to the barn for lunch and a story! After lunch we had a bit of free play and thank you circle.  

Wednesday 4/10

The first newt we found that day!
Photo: The spring ephemerals are coming out!
Counting up our leopard frogs!
We found another newt in the backyard!
We were dedicated to clearing away the leaves in the outflow tunnel
Hiking back up to the barn
We were so amazed by all the amphibians today
Huge smiles for the sunshine today
A little drum circle in the backyard
We love playing with Noah!

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Friday 4/12

Enjoying the sunny pond
Muddy boots on happy kids!
Palling around at the pond
Some of the critters we found at the pond
Playing in the mud!
Checking out the outflow of Beaver Pond
Checking to see what we scooped
Searching for critters
Hiking through Hemlock Swamp

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