A Bald Eagle flying through snow.
Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle. Photo: Gerald Alt/Audubon Photography Awards
Bald Eagle. Photo: Gerald Alt/Audubon Photography Awards


2024 Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey

Its not too late to become a community scientist!

There is still time to become a Community Scientist by joining the 2024 Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey!  To participate all you have to do is grab your binoculars or scope and go outside to try and spot a Bald Eagle.

If you spot an eagle in Vermont during the survey period January between 3rd and 17th, please report your sighting via either eBird.org or the eBird mobile app. Share your resulting checklist with the Audubon Vermont “Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey” eBird account by sharing with the username “BAEA_WinterSurvey”. We eagerly anticipate receiving your Bald Eagle reports from all over the state and extend our gratitude for your invaluable contributions in maintaining the continued success of this long-standing community science initiative. Although the Bald Eagle was successfully removed from the Vermont Threatened and Endangered Species List in 2022, we still need your help to monitor their growth.

We would appreciate the following information about your sighting:

  • Date
  • Location
  • Time of day
  • Number of Bald or Golden Eagles seen
  • Approximate age of the eagles (i.e., adult Bald Eagle with white head and tail, or immature that is mostly brown)
  • Any notable behavior (i.e., carrying nesting material, flying with another eagle, etc.)

How you can help, right now