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A Windy Friday and Forest Camp Adventures

Friday (11/12):

This Friday was a windy one! So windy, we were hesitant to hide any animals in the front yard for fear they’d blow away. Instead we came up with a color search, where each friend got to carry around a sheet with different colored circles and together we looked around for things in nature that matched those colors. We found green grass, yellow and red leaves, brown twigs, orange pumpkins, gray rocks…the list goes on and on! This was a great activity to watch so many of the kids work together and help one another.

During our windy Morning Meeting we planned a day of dancing, games, and crafts. While our Morning Meeting leader was standing up to help us plan our day we even saw his chair start to blow away! When the wind started to rip the velcro off of our Morning Meeting board, we went inside for snack.

After our snack we started off with our dance party that turned into a game of Freeze Dance. Everyone had to do an extra good job of listening to the music to know when to pause their feet. After Freeze Dance we all learned how to play Musical Chairs—which we played as musical squares with our carpet squares in the barn. It was such a hit, no one wanted to stop playing.

We bundled ourselves back up to brave the wind and play a game of “What Time is it Max the Fox?”. We played about two rounds before we watched a tree fall in the woods and decided we should spend the rest of the day in the barn.

Ciara had to leave early this Friday, which meant our special guest teacher, Debbie, got to join! Everyone taught Debbie how to play musical squares too and we ended the day with lunch, games, and coloring.

Monday (11/15):

This Monday rather than starting the day searching for an animal like we usually would, we had a color search! Each friend had a sheet of paper with different colored circles all over it and we had to find things in nature to match these colors. Everyone worked super well together to find as many colors as we could. We found green lichen on the stone wall in the front yard, a smushed dandelion that was yellow, and even some branches that were red and looked a little purple!

After Morning Meeting we hiked on over to Forest Camp to have our Snack and a Story. Since it was a chilly day and our last day of Playschool until January, we also had a fire built at Forest Camp to keep us warm!

Everyone spent the day exploring Forest Camp whether it was having free play with one another, playing hide-and-seek, playing on the obstacle course, or playing with the mud kitchen. It was a blast to have so much time for imaginative play.

After having lunch at Forest Camp we all got to roast a special treat to celebrate our last day together—a marshmallow! Everyone shared stories about times they had roasted marshmallows at campfires with their own families.

The day ended with us coloring inside to stay warm and dry from the cold rain and sharing our favorite parts of the day at Thank You Circle.

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