Vermont Loses Visionary and Long-time Business and Conservation Leader Will Raap

We are sad to report that long-time business and conservation leader Will Raap has died. Will served as an early and important supporter for and catalyst of Audubon Vermont’s Bird and Bee Friendly Farming program, including our partnership with the Intervale Center. He also worked with Audubon Vermont’s conservation team and other organizations to create habitat for Golden-winged Warblers and other birds at Earthkeep Farmcommon, the former Nordic Farm, in Charlotte. We will miss Will. He was the rare person who had a clear and powerful vision, combined with the ability to bring people and organizations together to create positive change.  We are committed to continuing his work to ensure a transition for agriculture in Vermont that is economically and ecologically sustainable.

You can read more about Will Raap in VTDigger and SevenDays

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