Forest Classroom

Spring Hiking

Week 11; April 15 2024

Everyone came to our program and was so excited to share about their time last week with the eclipse. We shared a word to described the time and some were “tubular”, “awe-inspiring”, “wild”, “so cool”. It really was something special. With our small group this week we started our morning trying to find a camo critter that was hidden in the woods. Once we found one, we then had to make it a home. We got very creative in our building and designing spaces for our little critters. 

critter home on forest floor
A home for one of our critters (a red butterfly) Photo: Audubon Vermont

Our morning adventure took us on a hike up to the office and through the Hires Trail. On our hike we took notice of all the signs of spring we were seeing. We saw daffodil's starting to come out in the gardens, trout lily leaves, the moss was so green, so many birds were singing, the ground was super muddy, and so many more signs. We took a couple stops along the way, our first was to explore Mossy Rocks. We climbed and made a slide up and down the rock. We also first turned a branch into a school bus but somehow it transformed into a spaceship that took us to Mars! The next stop along the way was at Lookout Rock where we enjoyed some nature yoga lead by one of our students. 

Student climbing in the Forest
Climbing around Mossy rocks Photo: Audubon Vermont
Students climbing in the woods
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Students doing nature yoga
Enjoying some yoga and stretch time! Photo: Audubon Vermont

Our afternoon adventure took us to Beaver Pond. We caught some newts and other critters but got very distracted by all the squishy mud. We explore how we could play with the mud and how the mud moved. Then suddenly one of our yogurt cups went down stream and thus started our yogurt cup racing! This brought up the idea of boat building, which we will definitely do in later weeks.  

Students looking at the pond
Trying to spot some critters in the pond Photo: Audubon Vermont
students at stream
Yogurt boat racing! Photo: Audubon Vermont

Back at the clubhouse we learned about story writing and talked about the different parts of a story, like characters, the location, the plot, is there’s the problem, the beginning middle and end, and more. To practice we use writing guides to develop stories to help us write out our plays.

student journaling
Journaling about our day Photo: Audubon Vermont
student journaling
Nature Journaling Photo: Audubon Vermont

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