Seeing the Forest for the Birds

Partnering with the Vermont Forest Pest First Detector Program

In today's world there are numerous threats to Vermont's forests and the birds that rely upon them as habitat. Among these threats are the introduction of non-native and invasive forest pests. A few of these pests have recently made the news headlines. An incident of spotted lanternfly showed up in August 2021, adding to the big news of the discovery of emerald ash borer in 2018.

Audubon Vermont is partnering with University of Vermont Extension and their Forest Pest First Detector program to bring awareness of the issues associated with forest pests to forest health, through the lens of birds. Audubon's Steve Hagenbuch recently gave a presentation to current program participants, which you can check out here. Learn more about the Forest Pest First Detector program here

Seeing Forests for the Birds presentation

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