Presentation: Priority Bird Conservation in Vermont

Hosted by AARP of Vermont

Listen in to a recording of a presentation for AARP Vermont on May 18, 2021

Sound science forms the foundation of all we do at Audubon Vermont, and we strive to use the best available science to protect our great natural heritage. In partnership with Vermont Fish and Wildlife, Audubon Vermont coordinates monitoring and management efforts for several priority bird species in Vermont. Much of that work relies on volunteers who use their skills to participate in our community science programs to gather the data that can inform our programs and positions.

Hear from Gwen Causer, Teacher Naturalist, and Katlin Fackler, Engagement Intern, about the recovery efforts: from Bald Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, and Common Terns, to those species that rely on our working lands (Bobolinks and Golden-winged Warblers), to our new efforts to monitor Chimney Swifts with the help of folks like you!

Learn more about Audubon Vermont's recovery plans for these birds and how you can help: click here

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