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Nature Detectives

Preschool Nature Camp, week 7

This week we needed our Owl eyes, deer ears, raccoon paws, oh my! We learned and used our five senses to discover the wonders of the outdoors. At the end we earned our Nature Detective badge as we explore the woods, fields, and more of Audubon.

Monday we started the week looking at our sense of sight. In the morning we explored a color scavenger hunt finding things in the garden, a bird walk and we got to use binoculars, and we hiked to beaver pond and did a critter search.

Clay track prints
Making our clay track prints Photo: Audubon Vermont

Tuesday we focused on our sense of smell. In the morning we went on an onion walk, later in the day we made scent pouches from natural materials. In the afternoon we went to the Sherman Hollow Brook and smelt different things along the way

red eft
Red eft we found at the Brook Photo: Audubon Vermont

Wednesday we learned about our sense of hearing. We went to brook in morning and listened to the sound of the water, how different rocks sounded, and anything else we heard on our hike. In the afternoon we went on a sound scavenger hunt to find a walkie talkie, and as a craft we made rain sticks.

Thursday was understand out sense of touch. In the morning we played a game, Guess what’s in the box!  Later we went on a touch and feel scavenger hunt, made marshmallow towers with no thumbs, and ended out day at forest camp with a salamander search.

student at sensory box
Trying to figure out what might be in the box?! Photo: Audubon Vermont

Friday we ended the week with the best sense, our sense of taste and also spend time and did a combination of all of them too. We started our day with a final scavenger hunt around property, enjoyed a taste test learning about flavors, made some great ooblic, and ended it all out with our detective graduation with parents and guardians.

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