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Mysteries of the Mud

Preschool Nature Camp, Week 4

What a muddy and magical week! This week was about all things sticky, mucky, and wet. We searched for animal tracks, learned about which animals use mud to build their homes, then we built a place of our own. This week with the rain was extra muddy and mucky for sure!

Throughout the whole week we searched for critters in the mud. We found tons of slugs, worms, and red efts.

Campers with red eft
We found a red eft in the woods today! Photo: Audubon Vermont

We had frog masks one day and transformed into frogs! We hopped around Audubon just like a real frog and splashed in some puddles.

Our campers got their hands dirty and made mud volcanos at Beaver Pond! By adding vinegar and baking power our volcanos made some awesome explosions! We also got to see some frog friends there and show them our hopping moves.

On one of our hikes we collected rocks which we then painted and decorated. Some of us hid them around Audubon and some took their rocks home.

What started as a mud relay race turned into a nest building competition. We used mud, sticks, grass, and leaves to build some muddy and fantatsic nests.

student running in yard
Mud Relay race! Photo: Audubon Vermont

We enjoy a taste treat of worms in dirt! Who know dirt could taste so yummy!

Worms in Dirt
A yummy dirt treat! Photo: Audubon Vermont

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