Forest Preschool Blog

Leaves and Rain

Friday (10/22):

We started off our morning with a search for pictures of pumpkins around the front yard. We found 32 total and noticed that some pumpkins were the same color, others had stripes, where some had polka dots and stars. Everyone helped to point out these different colors and patterns.

Our Morning Meeting Leader today wanted to go up to Mossy Rocks to play! After snack, we set off on our hike. We hadn’t been to Mossy Rocks in a couple of weeks and it was so exciting to see how the seasons have been changing! Lots of our friends were so excited to be around all the fallen leaves that they started using sticks as rakes and created a leaf pile.

While some friends worked on leaf piles, others got together to build little villages of fairy houses. We also had friends climbing on rocks and trees and showing off their jumping skills to one another.

Up at Mossy Rocks we had a couple friends that were asking if we could play a round of “What Time is it Max the Fox?” so before lunch we hiked down to the backyard so we could play a couple of rounds.

After lunch we had even more time for Free Play at Forest Camp. It was a great day to see everyone coming up with imaginative games and have loads of fun together!

Monday (10/25):

This Monday morning was rainy! We started out in the yard though, with our boots and rain suits and all, looking for 32 pictures of pumpkins around the front yard. The rain didn’t stop anyone’s enthusiasm to find and count all of our pumpkins.

We came inside for Morning Meeting and Snack and Story, and with our Morning Meeting Leader we came up with some indoor activities and decided we should make some time for an outdoor rainy adventure too. After our snack, everyone got to work on a Halloween-themed coloring sheet.

We decided to brave the rain for an adventure before lunch. Once we were suited up, we hiked over to Forest Camp, where we stayed pretty protected by the rain! Everyone came up with the idea to play Hide-and-Seek, and so we spent most of our time getting to look for one another and laughing lots whenever we found another hiding friend.

After spending lots of time looking for one another, we decided to spend some time looking for some critters! Together we flipped over rocks and logs to observe some wiggly worms and we even found a cold and curled up Red-Backed Salamander!

We came back to the barn to warm up and play with some puppets before lunch. After lunch we kept warm with a dance party in the barn before having some rainy Free Play to end the day.

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