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Frost and Mud

Friday (11/5):

This was our first Friday morning with a yard covered in frost! We spent the morning searching for bears who aren’t quite hibernating yet, but just hiding in the cold grass.

After we found and counted 36 bears we moved onto Morning Meeting. Our Morning Meeting leader decided that not only would we hike down to Beaver Pond to play today, but we would have lunch there too! This was a fun new adventure for us.

After Snack and Story at Forest Camp we gathered our things to start our hike. Everyone accepted the challenge that came with the responsibility of carrying their lunch and water bottles down to Beaver Pond, and we all did a great job!

Although it was cold and there was even some ice at Beaver Pond, we still found two newts hanging out under the ice. Besides the newts, the sun was strong to melt the ice which meant there was so much mud for us to play with. Some friends stomped in the mud while others dipped their hands in it, and we had mud chefs and mud fisher-people!

We sat in the driest part we could find to eat lunch and listen to two stories before we hiked back up to the front yard to have Thank You Circle and end our day.

Monday (11/8):

This Monday was so sunny, it was hard to believe it’s November!

We spent the morning searching for bears in the front yard. Together we found and counted 36 bears!

Since it was so sunny, it was a perfect day to go spend at Beaver Pond. We had Morning Meeting in the front yard and Snack and Story at Forest Camp before we started to hike down.

At Beaver Pond we played in the mud and twirled around in the sun! We found two Eastern Newts, but don’t expect to see many (if any) more until next spring as they are getting ready to hibernate. Those of us that wanted to practiced holding the newts by having flat hands close to the ground.

Most of our friends became “mud chefs” again, stirring mud and pond water together in holes in the ground to create “peppermint soup”. As some of our friends stomped in the mud they came up with a new name for the mud we were playing with—“goo mud”.

We hiked back up to Forest Camp in time for lunch and ended our day with Thank You Circle and jumping on our favorite big rock in the front yard.

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