Forest Classroom

First Snow Day

Week 11; November 27, 2023

Yay Snow! It wasn’t a lot of snow, but it was enough to have a fun time! The winter is a great time to learn about tracking, so over the next few weeks we are going to build up our tracking skills. The first thing we practice today was animal ID. It’s important to first know the animals that are active and around in the winter to then help you know what tracks you might be seeing. Our activity, Who Am I? Gives students an animal that is clipped to their back so they can’t see. They task is to go around and ask yes or no questions to try and figure out what animal they have! Many of us learned about an animal we had never heard before. 

Our morning was spent having so much fun in the snow! We were going to play a game, but in a wonderful change of events we decided to build a snow fort. We worked together to roll snow balls, some of them were so heavy that Kyra and I couldn’t even move them! While some of us worked on the fort, that then turned into a snow ball fight wall, others built snow people, and we even had one snow horse made. It was so great to see everyone help each other and create something incredible. The snow ball fight was a lot of fun too. 

Students playing in the snow
Starting to build our snow fort Photo: Audubon Vermont
students in the snow
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Students having a snow ball fight
Enjoying a fun and friendly snowball fight Photo: Audubon Vermont
student on her snow horse
Student riding her snow horse Photo: Audubon Vermont
Student building a snow person
Working on building a snow person Photo: Audubon Vermont

We then took a quick visit to Beaver Pond, many of us thought that it would be more frozen, but it was actually less frozen! We were still able to find and smash ice on the pond, which is always so and thrilling, we were trying to make holes in the ice on the pond and seeing who could make the biggest whole and the farthest one. We learned that we can all make a GIANT hole if we work together.  We also saw some great tracks in the snow. One we guess came from a dog and the other we think either a rabbit or a squirrel, and we will learn in our weeks to come!

pointing our a track
What track do you see here? Photo: Audubon Vermont
dog tracks
Dog tracks all over Beaver Pond Photo: Audubon Vermont
Squirrel track
Our track guesses: squirrel or rabbit Photo: Audubon Vermont

In the afternoon we had a “town hall” meeting and worked on our village. It was a little different because of the snow, so there was a lot of discussing that went into the plan today. Someone found a super fun sliding hill which we enjoyed for a good period of time. It is so great to see leadership in some of our students and the imagination in all of them. 

We then went across the Main road to the River trail and it was beautiful over there! We saw some mushrooms that were growing, we talked and mapped out the flow of the river and how we were upstream of the river by the clubhouse.  

Students hiking to the river
Hiking down to the River Photo: Audubon Vermont
Students in the woods by the River
Exploring the woods by the river Photo: Audubon Vermont
Students looking out at the River
Watching the flow of the River Photo: Audubon Vermont

We cannot wait for more snow and adventures with this incredible group! 

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