Forest Classroom

Fire Building: 1st Structure, Log Cabin

Week 7, October 13, 2021

What a wonderful fall day! It was crisp and cool in the morning and warmed up nice and toasty in the afternoon! Perfection!

As we arrived we had a task at hand. We needed to find the 6 different styles of leaf eater patterns, which are, Hole-feeding, windowpane, edge-feeding, leaf rolling/folding, wrinkling, and leaf mining. We searched in all of the leaf litter on the ground and on the leaves still on trees. The whole feeding and edge eaters were easy to find in the leaves, but the hardest ones were the wrinkling and leaf mining because those were found on leaves still on trees.

We then came together to Morning Meeting, snack followed along with Share and tell. We wrapped up quickly and got moving down the trail towards Beaver Pond, our locations for Fire Building!

For the next few weeks we are going to focus on fire building, the different styles of fires you can make, and even through in some fun challenges to put our newly developed skills to the test. This week we all focused on making a log cabin structure for our fire. We gathered up kindling and tinder and worked together in teams to build our fires. Once Ciara or I “approved” the designed we all got a chance to light one match. We all successfully got our fires to light and we kept them going for over AN HOUR! We made sure to put out our fires with water and make sure we left no trace.

Photo: Audubon Vermont
Making a Log Cabin fire Photo: Audubon Vermont
Photo: Audubon Vermont

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The fires made us thirsty and hungry so we headed back to the clubhouse for lunch and to continue reading our book, Hoot.

We then ended our day playing a few rounds of camouflage, we are getting very good at hiding in plain sight. Before we knew it, it was Thank you Circle time and then pick up!

Can’t wait for next week where we are going to learn and practice another common fire structure.

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