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Enchanted Forest

Preschool Nature Camp, Week 5

Do you know anything miniature and made of magic? This week we uncover the magic of the woods at Audubon’s most enchanting places. Fairy tales sent us on new adventures every day!

Every day we did a craft to help us to get more in touch with the magical, natural world of fairies. These crafts included fairy doors to open portals, fairy windows so they can see us better, wands, gnomes from toilet paper rolls, and gnome hats.

We went on quests around Audubon, uncovering clues along the way. Our enchanted group learned about different fairy habitats, and how the different types of fairies live (forest fairies, pond fairies, meadow fairies)

Campers at beaver pond overlook
Taking a moment to look for Fairies at the Beaver Pond Overlook Photo: Audubon Vermont

In our journeys we helped the fairies and built fairy houses for each type of fairy. We built houses in the forest, at the ponds, gardens, and so many other places.

Fairy time at Forest Camp
Enjoying some Fairy time at Forest Camp Photo: Audubon Vermont

We performed songs for the rock and roll fairy that we made up this week at Mossy Rocks too!

At the end of the week we learned about foraging for wild edibles, namely wood sorel, sumac, and made jewelweed salve. We were reminded that we should never pick a plant and just eat it. We need to know with 100% certainty that we know what the plant is, and never forage without an adult with us.  

To celebrate our time with the fairies we ate smores near our fairy houses.

At the end of the week Newt the fairy visited us and we have a tea party with them. We enjoyed worms and dirt in a very fairy magical room!

campers attending a fairy tea party
Our Fairy Tea Party! Photo: Audubon Vermont

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