Summer Day Camp Blog

Enchanted Forest

June 21-25, 2021

  • Monday:
    • Started our day with a fairy hunt around the garden! Fairies were found by trees and flowers as well as in the grass.
    • Hung out at the mud kitchen and made some delectable treats – the group decided to work together to throw a “party” full of decorations and mud treats
    • Hiked to mossy rocks and had some free explore time 
  • Tuesday
    • Went on a hike and found a note from a fairy named Fern who needed our help! She is frozen and unable to use her powers until we make her a special potion. We had to hike to lookout rock to find the potion recipe
    • The recipe was written on birch bark
    • When we got back to the garden, we went on a scavenger hunt to find our ingredients for the potion! We grabbed ferns, plantain leaves, sticks, pinecones, etc.
    • Everyone got a turn stirring out potion, it has to sit overnight to steep before we give it to the fairies 
  • Wednesday
    • We hiked to peeper pond and turned into butterflies! We read the Hungry Caterpillar and acted out as if we were caterpillars until it was time to transform into a butterfly! Each student got a straw to be their butterfly tongue. Then we searched the peeper pond trails for cups of “nectar” (lemonade)  to drink with our straw tongues. It was magical!
    • Dress a butterfly
    • We had some free explore time and a game of hide and seek as well
    • Then we hiked back up and went to forest camp to build fairy houses
    • Got a note from the fairy thanking us for the help!
  • Thursday
    • We spent the whole day down below at Beaver Pond and the Brook
    • Scooped and had free play at the Beaver Pond
    • Scooped and free explore at the Brook
    • We were visited by a REAL fairy named Brook!
  • Friday
    • Started with flower dissection and magnifying glasses
    • Dress a flower
    • Flower hike to collect a few flowers to add to our flower crowns
    • Made flower crowns
    • Blacksmithing demo by Killian

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