Crows in Vermont

Audubon Vermont's position on Crow Shooting Competitions

Audubon Vermont, the state program of the National Audubon Society, neither supports nor opposes hunting as long as it does not adversely impact wildlife populations and is done legally and in keeping with the principles of good sportsmanship. Crow hunting is regulated under Vermont’s Fish and Wildlife laws and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, one of the most important conservation laws in the United States. It is our understanding that crow hunting competitions have been held in the past and that at least one competition is proposed for this spring. While these activities may be technically legal, they also lead to wanton waste of crows, which Audubon Vermont is opposed to, and is also inconsistent with the conservation ethics practiced by a majority of hunters.  Audubon encourages everyone to follow wildlife laws and strive for the highest ethical practices when hunting and watching wildlife.

For reference, the following is National Audubon Society's Hunting Policy:

The National Audubon Society historically has not assumed a position either for or against hunting. We do not promote hunting, nor do we oppose hunting so long as it does not adversely affect wildlife populations, and is done legally and in keeping with the principles of good sportsmanship.

Our concern is to ensure the continued viability of wildlife species. When sound scientific information demonstrates that the welfare of a species requires such action, we do not hesitate to advocate hunting restrictions. Conversely, we recognize the value of hunting as a wildlife management tool for species that have become overly numerous due to a lack of predators or an overabundance of food.

We have many members who are hunters and many who are not. 

In an organization as large and as diverse as the National Audubon Society, it is unrealistic to expect everyone to agree on every issue, however, if we can agree on most things, we can accomplish a great deal by joining together.

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