April 7th: Mud and Puddles

Wow, it's already April! It feels like just last week it was January and we were wondering where the snow was, and now we are wondering where the sun is!  The temperature is getting warmer and Debbie and Emily are so excited to spend so many more hours outside on Fridays! Today at Forest Preschool we welcomed two new faces to our group, and one familiar face came back after being away for 3 months.  We were all super happy to have more friends join our wonderful group!  For the new friends we helped them understand how Forest Preschool works, and made sure to guide them throughout the day! As always, we began with morning meeting, we all shared one thing that we love to do outside!  We had a pretty packed day planned, Emily and Debbie made sure everyone understood the order of the day. Today was also our very last day to fill up the bird feeders because some of our hibernating friends are waking up now, and the trees are beginning to bud, so the birds will have ample food in the weeks to come! We enjoyed our snack inside and luckily the rain held off for us to go outside for a while!  We took our new friends down the path to forest camp.  There Debbie talked about what our boundaries are and where we need to stay when we come to play at forest camp. This was the first time we had seen forest camp not covered in snow in a long time!  We could finally see our fire circle, so Debbie had us all sit down on a stump and talked about fire safety.  We talked about where we should walk, who should be inside of the fire circle, where we sit, how we act, and so much more. We then played and explored around forest camp!  Some of us made some delicious muddy treats, others helped Debbie with cleaning up our fairy garden, and some played pretend with Emily. We saw that water was running, so Emily took some friends up to explore. We all played together and enjoyed the company of everyone out in nature. https://flic.kr/p/SuUCWM When we were at forest camp, Debbie and Emily were thinking about how we could decorate more.  We asked around and got some pretty great ideas from our friends that we hope to put into place later as the weather warms up even more. After lunch, right around when the rain started to come down, we made 2 crafts.  With Emily we dyed pasta with food coloring and will hang them up at forest camp next Friday.  Debbie's station was to make fairies that we will be putting in our fairy garden soon! The weather only seems to be getting better and we cannot wait to spend all day outside exploring and learning new things!

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