April 21st: Forest Camp Fun

It may have been raining, but the rain never bothers our Forest Preschoolers. When we go inside for a bathroom break, we've been getting to know one of Audubon Conservationist Mark, he is our head birder here at Audubon.  He spent a little time showing us some pictures of him with birds and the boat he uses to go to an island to study Terns. We had a lot of fun looking at those pictures and learn about some different birds.  Mark said he could put out his mist net with us and we can see what birds he might catch in the weeks to come! We packed up all of our gear and left for Forest Camp to have snack and explore.  This was the first time we could all sit on our stumps at Forest Camp since the fall.  We enjoyed our snack outside and talk about Forest Camp and how we can make it more our own. Some of us noticed that we forgot all about our sap bucket on our maple tree.  We checked to see if there was any sap in it, but there wasn't, we talked about why and understood that with the warm weather, it evaporated. After snack it was adventure time at Forest Camp.  Many of us baked some taste mud goodies for the group.  A couple of us helped with our shelter that we have too.  As we were moving we noticed so many signs of spring!  Trout Lilies were popping up,  it was so excited! To protect the, we build a little gate around them to alert people to the new growth and to not step on them. There are so many trees to climb at forest camp, so we had to climb them.  At Audubon we are only allowed to climb a tree up to as tall as we are, which is still a lot of fun!  We love taking a safe risk. While exploring we came upon Audubon's old water well and a tube that had a hole in it.  Since there was a hole, water was spraying out of it.  Many of our bakers needed this water to make their goodies more muddy and set up shop there. Forest Preschool looks like it is going to be wet more a couple more weeks and Debbie and Emily and very excited to play in the mud more!

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