Unschool at Audubon 2022-23

November: Wilderness survival

Thursday, October 20, 2022
10:00am - 2:00pm Eastern Huntington, Vermont

Location Details

Clubhouse at Audubon Vermont

214 Main Road, Huntington, 05462, VT

Please park at the Sugarhouse Parking lot on Main Road, near 214 Main Road. Do not follow your gps to our office. We will be meeting at the clubhouse, which is up the stairs to the left of the sugarhouse.

Unschool at Audubon 2022-23

October 20, 2022 - Huntington, VT

Advanced Registration is required. Follow this link to register seasonally or for the whole year.
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Unschool is back!

Our program for families who homeschool or do schooling differently has changed to a new seasonal format. Now, instead of registering for each individual month, you register for the entire season, which allows us to expand on our learning each month and you to look ahead for the next season. Learn more about Unschool, and look ahead to the next seasons here:

  • Fall 2022
    • September 15 Insects of the land and water: What makes an insect an insect? Find out while we spend the day searching for creatures on land and in the water. September is a great time to find crawling creatures before it gets too cold, so join us and then keep the learning going at home! 
    • October 20 Season of Change: What have you been noticing as summer has turned into fall? The forests are undergoing some changes from the tops of the canopy down to the forest floor. We will lean into change by focusing our learning time on the trees of the forest and making observations of our own. 
    • November 17 Wilderness survival: Animals are getting ready for winter with different survival strategies. Lets try a few ourselves! We will build a shelter, stay warm, and take a hint from the bears and make a hearty snack (but we will make ours over the fire!).
  • Winter 2022-23
    • Dec 15 Migrate? Hibernate? Stay Active? How will you survive this winter? By learning the different strategies that our animal neighbors have adapted to use, maybe we can learn more about ourselves. After some experiments in the cold, we will create a creature of our own! 
      • Jan 19 Winter wildlife and tracking. With the help of the snow covered ground we can follow the clues to figure out who has been here. Decipher the stories in the snow and make some of your own! There are both predators and prey active all winter long, can you tell who is who? 
        • Feb 16 Winter Wilderness Survival. Let's see if we can make a shelter out of snow, learn a few different kinds of knots, and remember the rule of 3 and how to leave no trace.
  • Spring 2023
    • Mar 16 Journey from Sap to Syrup and Bird Friendly Maple Sugaring! Take a peek (and a sniff!) inside of the sugarhouse. Tap a tree, gather some sap, and bring it to the boil. Learn about the process from start to finish, including how to assess the sugarwoods to see if they are bird friendly! 
    • April 20 Why did the amphibian cross the road? To get to the other side! But seriously, who put this road in my migration corridor from the wooded uplands to the vernal pong lowlands? Let's see who we can find making this wet march!  
    • May 18 What can we say? May is All About Birds! The birds are back in town, lets see who we can identify. We will use binoculars, study field markings, and learn the different calls and songs of some common (but spectacular) Vermont species.  


Age: This program is for learners ages 6-12. We will divide into smaller, age appropriate groups, but we know that siblings like to come on the same day!

Fee: Audubon Vermont members $90/season/child; non-members $99/season/child. 
Register for the whole year and save! Audubon members full year $250/year/child; non-members $277/year/child

Time: all programs 9am-1pm

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Unschool at Audubon 2022-23

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