Vermont's Peregrine Falcon Population Completes Another Successful Breeding Season

Vermont’s cliffs are a bit quieter with the end of the Peregrine Falcon breeding season.  Now that this year’s young are flying and learning how to hunt on their own, cliffs that were closed to hiking and climbing are open.

Peregrine Falcons held their own in Vermont this year, with at least 50 pairs producing a minimum of 62 fledglings.  Over 45 citizen scientists, Audubon Vermont biologists, and VT Fish & Wildlife staff monitored occupied breeding territories throughout the season from April through July.  Preliminary results indicate that it was a slightly below average year compared to 2016, which had a record number of young produced.  It is likely that the wet weather in May and June played a role in reduced productivity this season.

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Peregrine Falcon Vermont
Adult Peregrine Falcon Photo: Dave Kynor

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