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Wet and Ready to Go!

Week 3 Sept 21st and 23rd

This morning we found squirrels! They were super sneaky and hiding up in trees and in bushes, but we found them all!

On Wednesday our morning meeting leader was ready for us to explore somewhere new! After we played a game in the yard we did our largest hike yet and went down to Beaver Pond!  When we were there we investigated the plants, bugs, and amphibians. We practiced our skill of observation and didn’t touch any critter we saw, but used our eyes to see and our words to describe what we saw.

Friday after we found all the squirrels our morning meeting leader wanted to go back to Forest Camp. We climbed trees, found insects in the dirt, and even made out first fire of the season! It was wonderful to have help building our fire and gathering sticks to fuel it.

Wednesday 9/21

Counting the squirrels we found so far! Photo: Audubon Vermont
Making our way down to Beaver Pond Photo: Audubon Vermont
Investigating the pond Photo: Audubon Vermont
Enjoying a field game! Photo: Audubon Vermont

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Friday 9/23

Counting how many squirrels we found already Photo: Audubon Vermont
Investigating what's under the log Photo: Audubon Vermont
Enjoying our first fire of the season Photo: Audubon Vermont
Enjoying climbing our favorite tree Photo: Audubon Vermont
Climbing and smiling! Photo: Audubon Vermont

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