Preschool Programs

Week 3

Monday Sept 27th and Friday Oct 1st

Monday (9/27): Counting and Jumping at Mossy Rocks, Six Red-backed Salamanders at Forest Camp

We are so excited about the start of fall! This morning in lieu of the laminated animals we normally search for, we looked for mini pumpkins hidden around the front yard.

Our morning meeting leader planned a great day for us. She was excited to revisit Mossy Rocks and continuing to climb and explore there. This group of kids particularly enjoys jumping and climbing through the large and magical forked tree we have up at Mossy Rocks.

Soon enough, their love for jumping turned into a counting game too! Each friend took a turn standing on a rock they wanted to jump from and they asked everyone else to count to a number. After we counted to whatever number was requested, the friend then jumped and we all cheered for them! It was a great way for us to practice our counting, supporting our friends, and using one another’s names. We probably could’ve kept at this for hours it was so enjoyable.

After our adventures at Mossy Rocks we hiked back down to Forest Camp for lunch. After lunch, we ended our day with coloring in some leaves and acorns before Thank You Circle.

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